Answers to your Burning Questions

Ways to Purchase

Tickets can be purchased either online, day of show, or by calling the number listed with the event. All ticket links can be found below with the show you are interested in. Memorial Hall is a rental facility and does not directly sell tickets for upcoming shows. If you are experiencing difficulty please call us at 508-830-4087 so that we can better direct you.   

Avoid Scams

We encourage all persons who are looking to purchase tickets to ensure that they are buying from the real ticket source. Most ticket fees are under $10 per ticket, and real tickets are the within the price range listed on our website. If you are finding tickets that are priced outrageous or fees that are priced abnormally high please do not purchase from that site. View our ticket links below for the best link to purchase tickets from.  

Third Party Tickets

Memorial Hall is not responsible for tickets purchased by a Third Party or for any show. Memorial Hall is a rental facility and each promotion that comes in is responsible for their own ticketing practices. We are able to help answer basic facility questions and general ticketing questions but we are not an authorized ticket seller for the upcoming shows.  

Gift Certificates

Memorial Hall does NOT provide nor honor any gift certificates. Please check with each promoter on gift certificate policies.  

Refunds and Exchanges

Check with promotions on their refund/exchange policies. In most cases our renters have a no refund or exchange policy in place. 


Discount tickets or pre-sale codes are sent out typically through fan pages and other special groups. In most cases check with the promotion to see if anything is offered.  

Seating Chart

Each show has their own seating chart, you can view the one you want buy heading over to our events page and clicking the buy tickets link. 

Bag Policy

Memorial Hall asks that no backpacks, duffel bags, or anything larger than a small hand bag is brought into the facility. All persons and personal items are subject to a search. 

Event Security

Each renter is responsible for their own security team. Most rentals will have a Police Detail. At the beginning of each show and announcement will be made regarding the exits of the facility. Please make note of your exits when attending an event.

ADA Accessibility

Memorial Hall has a Handicap entrance door located on the one way street Memorial Drive, an usher or security member will be at the door to provide assistance. There is ADA accessible seating throughout the facility. Memorial Hall additionally provides Listen First solutions for anyone with hearing impairment. 

Picking Up Tickets

Whether you have will call tickets or want to purchase them all tickets can be picked up the day of the show. Times vary by promotion.